No other Science tutors support students better

  Contagious Passion

Our tutors love their subject and love to teach it. Whatever the topic, we know a tutor who wants your child to understand and appreciate it as much as they do.

  Diverse Experise

We understand the International School landscape. From the IB to IGCSE and more: whichever programme your child is studying, we have a tutor who specialises in it.

What else can you expect from our Science tutors?

Learning Tailored To Needs & Personality

Whether it be skills, knowledge or confidence, our tutors are able to quickly identify areas that need to be focused on to make a lasting change. They don’t just stick to one single teaching method, but draw on extensive experience of varied approaches to best suit individual students. Our tutors can also provide specialised support related to Dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others.

  Peace Of Mind

All our tutors are background checked, highly-trained and have years of teaching experience. Every tutor is as unique as your child and we pride ourselves on paying great attention to match students with the best possible tutor for their needs and personality.


The difference between reflection and refraction? What are Coulomb, Kepler and Ohm’s Laws? Kinetic energy? We have tutors who can make it all clear!

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Eukaryote? Osteoblast? Our tutors will ensure a sound understanding of the biological terms and processes relevant to your child’s particular programme of study.

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Confounded by the periodic table, different bonds or how to calculate atomic mass or a mole unit? Our expert tutors will build confidence in Chemistry.

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  Physics & Maths

Our tutors are also skilled at providing a more interdisciplinary approach – bringing Maths to life by applying it directly to Physics.

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  Science Homework Help

Our tutors provide a structure and routine to doing homework and assignments. You can rely on them to keep your child on track with their studies. But even more so, we truly want students to become independent learners and will help them build the skills and self-knowledge to be able to manage their homework and assignments on their own.

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  Special Needs Support

We understand that students with special education needs require extra attention practising strategies tailored specially to them. We have a range of tutors who are experts in bringing students with special education needs – from Dyscalculia to ADD/ADHD or Autistic Spectrum Disorder – to a higher level of understanding and retention of scientific concepts.

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Why parents choose TutorsPlus

Highly Effective
Individual Support

We combine the best teaching with an individual approach to improve results. One-to-one focus on each student.

Our Tutors Are The
Magic Ingredient

We have the best tutors in Switzerland, experienced in Maths, Science, English, Revision and more.

Flexible Tuition To Fit
Busy Schedules

Tutoring where you want it when you want it across the Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Zug regions in Switzerland.

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