No other Revision Courses support students better

IGCSE Course Overview

Our IGCSE Revision Courses provide intensive and effective revision of the subject’s core syllabus, with particular focus on well-known “difficult” areas, and a large dose of proven exam techniques.

Students leave our Revision Courses ready to face those final exams with confidence.

What You Can Expect

  • Small groups give students the confidence to discuss problem areas more freely and learn different approaches from peers and tutors.
  • Experienced tutors are familiar with IGCSE exam boards and marking schemes – ensuring that students learn how to optimise their answers to earn the best grades possible.
  • Focus on historically “difficult” areas using a library of recent exam papers.

What You Will Gain

  • Confidence in the core syllabus, answers to lingering questions and strategies for handling continuing revision of the tough areas.
  • Development and practice of the study and time-management skills that enhance success.
  • Top tips on revision and proven exam techniques.
  • 94% of past students surveyed felt our course helped them achieve a better exam grade.

  Our Commitment To Quality

We make sure our tutors are not just academically qualified, but are also passionate and committed to helping students achieve their full potential.

After every revision course, tutors are evaluated by our students and our Academic Director. This allows us to assess the performance of each tutor and keep improving our team.

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