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What else can you expect from our IB Diploma tutors?

  Contagious Passion

Whichever Diploma subject your child is studying, we have tutors who love it, love to teach it and all this is firmly rooted in the values of the IB.

  Diverse Expertise

Our tutors have taken students through this rigorous programme before and provide the reassurance and guidance needed to meet its high expectations.

Learning Tailored To Needs & Personality

Whether it be skills, knowledge or confidence, our tutors are able to quickly identify areas that need to be focused on to make a lasting change. They don’t just stick to one single teaching method, but draw on extensive experience of varied approaches to best suit individual students. Our tutors can also provide specialised support related to Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, among others.

  Peace Of Mind

All our tutors are background checked, highly-trained and have years of teaching experience. Every tutor is as unique as your child and we pride ourselves on paying great attention to match students with the best possible tutor for their needs and personality.

   IB DP Maths

Apart from their expertise in anything from Circular functions to Discrete mathematics, what sets our IB Maths tutors apart is their knowledge of the Internal Assessment – a written exploration of an area of Maths – required by the Diploma Programme.

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  IB DP Physics and Maths

Our tutors are skilled at providing an interdisciplinary approach – bringing Maths to life by applying it directly to Physics – moving forward in both subjects with one tutor, deepening your knowledge and skills and crafting more insightful Internal Assessments.

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  IB DP Sciences

Our IB Science tutors know the emphasis the DP places on learning in context and across subjects.They can not only provide tutoring for very specific and high-level topics but also broaden students’ views of how different areas of Science interact.

See some of our most popular subjects for tutoring below, or contact us directly for others:

IB Biology
IB Chemistry
IB Physics
IB Environmental Systems & Societies
IB Nature of Science

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  IB DP Individuals & Societies

Why does history always repeat itself? Our tutors guide students to find and support their own answers to such questions about human experience and behaviour – pushing them to look deeply into the variety of social, economic and physical environments that make up our world.

See some of our most popular subjects for tutoring below, or contact us directly for others:

IB History
IB Geography
IB Economics
IB Psychology

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  IB DP Language Acquisition

From Language Ab Initio to Language B Standard or Higher Level, our tutors challenge students to hone their oral and written language skills and communicate with confidence in the context of social relationships, global issues, communication and media.

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  IB DP Language & Literature

From mastering the subtleties of language in different cultural contexts to writing a critical analysis of different literary genres with ease, our tutors know the expectations from all Language A courses, from Standard Level Language & Literature through to Higher Level Literature.

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  IB DP Internal Assessments

Internal Assessments are the opportunity to put what students are learning into practice. Ranging from laboratory and field work, to written Maths investigations or demonstrations of oral fluency in a language, our tutors understand the creativity, planning and practice needed to get great results in an IA.

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   Extended Essay

Students often have trouble formulating that crucial “well-focused research question”, and can find themselves going round in circles with their arguments. Our tutors can provide the helpful nudges and critique to set students in a constructive direction, all the while respecting the student-led nature of this independent research challenge.

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  Theory of Knowledge

How much of the world do you know you know… or don’t know? TOK is the foundation of the depth of thinking expected from the IB DP. Our tutors guide students through the lenses of the 8 ways of knowing chosen by the DP: language, sense perception, emotion, reason, imagination, faith, intuition, and memory.

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  Special Needs IB Diploma Support

We understand that students with special education needs require extra attention in finding and practising strategies that are tailored specially for them. We have a range of tutors who are experts in bringing students with special education needs – from Dyslexia to ADD/ADHD or Autistic Spectrum Disorder – to reach their full potential.

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Easter 2018 – IB Diploma Revision Courses

Get expert help with revision, learn essential revision tips and tricks
and get the final preparation you need to do better in your exams

Time: 09:00 – 17:00 (1 hr for lunch)
Location: Impact Hub, rue de Fendt, Geneva
Cost: 550 CHF/2 Day Course

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