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‘This course has finished. Please check back for new course dates in August 2019’.

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About to start the IB?

Taking on the rigorous IB Diploma Programme requires solid foundations. Especially if students are transitioning from a non-IB programme, there are often gaps in knowledge to fill and new skills needed.

Our “Get Ready for the IB” course offers a general introduction to the IB with sessions dedicated to common knowledge gaps such as algebra, geometry & mental Maths or stoichiometry for Chemistry.

Students will also learn how to study and revise efficiently, meaning less overall time spent learning, and less anxiety ahead of exams!

Our courses have been conceived by IB trained and experienced IB teachers, many of whom are also IB Examiners.

Get ready for the IB course

Each course will ensure students:

  • Learn & practice foundational study skills & research skills.
  • Understand what’s expected from IB assessments & Internal Assessments.
  • Get an introduction to Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.
  • Ease into IB-specific skills such as reflection and inter-disciplinary thinking.
  • Go through the prerequisites of the subject and ensure gaps are filled.
  • Learn tips on time management and organisation.

Our experienced IB tutors know what skills and concepts the IB builds upon. No matter the subject, your child will start the IB journey with confidence.


Students about to enter the IB


10 Hrs tuition over 1 week
20 – 24 August 2018
27 – 31 August 2018


Impact Hub,
rue de Fendt, Geneva.


700 CHF
per person

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Common gaps our IB tutors help with

Maths — Andrea L.

“Solid foundations in algebra, arithmetic, & geometry are essential to the IB and can often be missing. Students tend to be dependent on calculators and lack confidence with mental Maths”.

Chemistry — John K.

“Students often start the year with incomplete or insufficient knowledge of stoichiometry and bonding. Topic 1 is a topic students struggle with, as they adapt to the more independent learning style of the IB. It contains the mole concept, which forms the foundation for further learning in Chemistry. Other essential topics are Bonding and Organics”.

Biology — Andrea O.

“The IB requires a lot of independent study skills, in which many students lack practice. Students need a solid understanding of command words – describe | explain | analyse | evaluate – in order to respond accurately”.

TutorsPlus Commitment To Quality

We make sure our tutors are not just academically qualified, but are also passionate and committed to helping students achieve their full potential.

After every course, tutors are evaluated by our students and our Academic Director. This allows us to assess the performance of each tutor and keep improving our team.

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‘This course has finished. Please check back for new course dates in August 2019’.

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